AR photos

Exclusive interactive service
THE MOST interactive service
Photos come to life in the guest's hands
How will it work at event?
Make a photo and video with your guest
Add them to our service via web-interface
Download branded and QR-added printable photo and print it
Guest will get branded photo AND augmented reality using small app on their smartphone
How much it costs for me today?
One license (account on our website) costs $2500 once
You will pay per added photo+video. $2 per each
How long will the video associated with the printed photo be stored?
30 years
How fast is the processing of photos and videos on the server?
After uploading to the server, the video will link to the photo immediately. The branded "picture" will be available for downloading and printing immediately.
How much can I earn with this?
This depends on the number of events that you will be placed with this interactive content. The approximate cost of such a service at the event (with the development of a branding template, with the selection of music...) is estimated by us at $2000-10000 / event.

The coolest thing is that you can ADD AR photo to any of your videoservices (bullet time/video booth/gif booth...)
Try it (now)
1. Open Camera App on your smartphone and go with this QRcode. You will be redirected to AppStore (or PlayMarket).
Download App and OPEN it.
2. Point the camera at the QR again and sample videos will be downloaded.
4. Look at the FUTURE )
3. Point the camera at the sample photo
Try this one too
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