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360 overhead spinner
New trend for another 5-7 years! =)
One more cool idea for your gigs!
Sideview. Fits up to 15 people. No camera shaking.
Assembling timelapse (~25 minutes to set it up by two)
We have come up with a design that can easily be atteched to any type of truss / structure / wooden ceiling / beam / floor....
With clamps (which are included) or with belts (which are available in any hardware store).

The rotation is controlled using the same controller as our 360 spinner platform: the power wire to the controller, the wire from the controller to the Spinner.

Monopod included, you can open up to 150cm and then, together with the length of the bracket, you will get a radius of 2 meters (this is 7 feet).

You can use a different holder if you need a larger radius. The mount is standard there. we will send you photos if necessary =).

Product weight without clamps - 10kg. That's about 20 pounds.
With case and monopod, clamps, bracket, controller, wires, remote.. that's about 30 pounds packaged.

But the software is not included in the price. You can use any of them.

This is, in fact, a novelty in our industry.
This is what Your customers need for their events!

Now we ship within 2-3 days after payment
Promo video
How software works?
Fast rendering FullHD video on Nvidia AND AMD videocards! (10-20 seconds). Depends of output duration.
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